Shubham Verma

Summary of how to learn in 20 hour - Josh Kaufman (Ted Talk)

This is short note summary which I added while watching this ted talk. Do watch ted talk for full context


  1. 10000 hours to become an ultra expert (top of the field) . Most of us don’t need to be achieve that level
  2. People get a good in things with a little bit practice
    1. When you start and its new to you it takes a long time as its new to them
    2. But with little bit of practice they get better
  3. When we learn skills for ourselves, we don’t care about the time we care about how good we are at that skill
  4. 45 min a day for a month -> 20 hours to be good at a skill (from zero knowledge to have some context)

4 simple steps to build any skills:

  1. Deconstruct the skill
    1. Decide what exactly you want to do with skill when you are done
    2. Break down into smaller chunks of the skills
  2. Learn enough to self correct
    1. Get 3-5 resource what you want to learn
    2. Learn just enough so that you can start practicing and self correct
    3. Learning better when you noticing the mistake and you do better by seeing it
  3. Remove practice barrier
    1. Create your focus environment
  4. Practice at least 20 hours
    1. You’re going to be frustrated at times, so committing beforehand will help you push through the frustration.

The major barrier to skill acquisition isn’t intellectual, it’s emotional.