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Shubham Verma

About me

  • 😀 Name: Shubham Verma
  • 😎 Stack - Javascript/Reactjs and some other technologies. I will or can learn whatever tool necessary to solve a problem!
  • 🤔 About me - Have more than 3.5+ experience in software development. Apart from coding. I am die hard fan of anime and gaming. I read books and listen podcast free time!
  • 💬 Ask me about anything, I'm happy to help!
  • 💌 How to reach me:
  • 🐦 Follow me @shubham2133
  • ⚡ Check out my stackoverflow profile. I am active there. Yes I help there as well!
  • 🤞 I have done open source contribution as well. Here are some latest one: Snowpack, youmighnotneed and much more as well
  • 🤩 Feel free to connect me on twitter or shoot me an email if you want to discuss any thing or want feedback or mentorship that can help your journey. I am glad to help you out